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Co-extrusion is Fukuvi’s core capability. We can extrude rigid and flexible materials together for a dual durometer extrusion with added value and function. We can also co-extrude different types of materials for improved cosmetic surfaces or weatherability performance.  Extrusion molding is capable of producing very complex cross-sections and manufacturing products using multiple materials in a single mold. By utilizing this technology and our expertise, we will find the best solution to meet and exceed the requirements and expectations of our current and future customers.


Combining Materials

Fukuvi can expertly co-extrude a product which combines two different materials. Combining multiple materials allows you to create enhanced functions and add high value to the parts we extrude.

Benefits of combining materials:

• combine a light-weight interior with a hard, durable surface
• combine different colors for enhanced style
• combine hard and soft materials in order to create a stable product with a hinge or cushion

3-Color Coextrusion
1.Dust Guard Tape
Soft & Hard Resin
Soft & Hard Resin

Decorative Products

Using co-extrusion Fukvui can create products with added design elements. Examples include:

• Metallic

• Wood Pattern

• Embossing

Wood Grain


Fukvui can add various functions to products using our superior co-extruding techniques. Examples include:

• Increased weather resistance (add PMMA to the surface of base materials)

• Phosphorescence/Luminescence

• Antibacterial/Antiviral surface

Weather Resistance
Phosphorescence / Luminescence

Lamination, Film, Adhesives

By attaching an aluminum film we can create products which have metallic designs while keeping the high functionality of plastic. These are great substitutes for metal products.

We can also add double-sided tape or masking tape to products.

Foam Extrusion

~Coming Soon~

Using foam extrusion molding we can create products which are lighter than wood or metal, yet still durable. It is also easier to drive nails and screws in thick foam products, improving workability. Foam extrusion products also have improved heat insulation performance compared to other materials.


By stretching the plastic while extruding it (also known as swagging) we can add strength to our extruded products. Depending on the resin mixture and stretching method used spring and wire characteristics can be added.

Secondary Processing

Fukuvi Vietnam has the capacity for a wide-range of secondary processing. We work with each customer from the design stage to choose the unique method that is most suitable for their product.

The secondary processing area is kept at a constant temperature of 23°C to prevent any unwanted expansion or contraction of the resin.

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